You are on the couch, ready for that weekend staycation. You’ve worked hard the whole week and deserve a little fornication. You got your big smart TV connected, and decide to ask a friend is she wants to Netflix and chill. Gosh, the pressure. You got to act like a porn star, again.


The pressure

You open a beer and wait in anticipation. The OG in you has leveled off,  making you as horny as hell. You don’t wang any complications, but this friend with benefits thing seem not to be working out. You don’t want to hurt her feelings as she is very nice, but then, all you want is a booty call. She, on the other hand, expects the performance of a lifetime, every time. Perhaps, another woman from those adult dating apps for couples won’t expect too much.

Only in movies

The thing is – you don’t have to be a John Holmes. The way movies portray characters and how they have sex is far from what happens in real life. Even reality shows don’t show the stars cleaning the house and taking out the laundry. We only get to see the better side of things, and sometimes, the scenes are exaggerated.

No constraints

Most films typically depict sex as fabulous acts of attraction and love. Keep in mind that the characters in movies do not have to deal with worrying about their careers, finances, family, and other concerns. These constraints don’t even exist.

The moving images

After we watch a few porn movies and get to view films with scenes of steamy hot sex, we might question our capability to perform like those stars. The moving images remain in our minds, making us feel pressure to perform.

More harm than good

We all wish that we could excel in most things that we do. We get star-struck and do wish that we could be a little bit more like our favorite movie stars. But, to try to recreate a movie scene can do more harm than good. For example, there is this move entitled, “Fifty Shades of Grey” that had a bondage scene. That started a trend that made some people feel inadequate in bed as they do not like sadomasochism. 

Unattainable ideal

In movies, if one spouse is caught cheating, the other one will typically move on and find a better love. It isn’t that easy in real life. If we compare our relationships and would be commitments with an unattainable ideal, we may not give our partner another chance. Mending relationships is far better than breaking up.

Unrealistic expectations

There are times that we are too harsh on ourselves and others. Even if we know what we see in movies isn’t true, the impact is there. We tend to create unrealistic expectations because we desire to be like those movie stars that we watch. It’s a sort of fandom that does make us try to do more when we don’t have put on a performance while sex dating.